Phoenix Electra

Electric spreader for medium-size and heavy trucks

Phoenix Electra is the first professional spreader 100% electric and represents our commitment to a sustainable future. The great challenge was to develop a green solution keeping the highest performance typical of Bucher municipal products; the result is revolutionary equipment able to comply with the strictest market requirements, with no compromises on preformances, and to raise the standard to a higher level.

On this spreader a high efficiency electric system 48V replaces the traditional hydraulic systems, with lithium battery and brushless motors with dedicated and integrated inverter. This solution avoids power losses and allows independent and proportional energy absorptions and management for each motor. Moreover, the lithium technology allows the battery partial charge during the salt refilling operation, even if the battery is not flat.

Moreover the carrier vehicle don’t need any modification because this equipment does not need connections to the truck or the control box, it is a real “plug and play” that can be mounted on each truck having adequate load capacity, savings all costs related to the truck installation and equipment.

The control system is designed to enable the maximum tuning accuracy resulting in extremely precise spreading operations.

Phoenix Electra: the hi-efficiency and eco-friendly professional spreader



High performances and high reliability.

What makes Electra very special it’s the sustainability both in terms of environment/noise pollution and costs saving over time; it’s a lot quieter compared to traditional solutions, zero impact and it needs minimum maintenance during lifetime. This solution makes it particularly suitable for the urban areas, where noise and pollution reduction play a leading role but grants also the lowest Life-Cycle Cost to all users.



Electra spreader

Data sheet Phoenix Electra

Battery pack

Batteries-pack electra

The lithium battery is protected in a dedicated compartment, with easy access for maintenance. Its technology allows the partial charge. The battery is covered by a special overcoat that protects it against low temperatures granting the possibility to work till -20° C.

Spreading unit


It’s an evolution of the actual design, allowing precise settings with every spreading material.
It’s made with heavy duty design and with corrosion resistant materials.

Side tanks


Made in rotational polyethylene, light and sturdy. Developed to contain the correct solid / liquid ratio for every volume configuration.

Spreading track asymmetry


As standard it’s possible to manage the spreading pattern with every possible combination from 2 m to 12 m , enabling the finest tuning and avoiding any material wasting.



Depending on request, are available many type of signalizations to comply local law. Lights use LED technology and all are operated from control box.

Technical compartment


Water and dust proof, protects the user documentation, PowerPack and the cable connections, which are all made inside the compartment.

PVC foldable cover


PVC foldable cover comfortably operated from the ground.
New improved locking system keeps it tight to the hopper.



Made of high resistance fiberglass, able to resist to heavy load without problems. Moreover they are corrosion free and of lightweight construction.

Demount system for flatbled chassis


Demount system with hand cranked telescopic supports. Available also for vehicle with fixed sides.

Automatic demount system for tipper


Suitable for tipper truck allows fast and safety demount operations.

15T automatic demount system for tipper


Automatic demount system with the same benefits plus 15 ton capacity.

Demount system
for hook lift


Demount system for hook-lift including sub-frame and rear telescopic rollers.

Charging station


Electra’s charging station is able to modulate voltage and amperage sent to the battery according to the conditions detected by the Battery Management System, thus enabling a very fast, efficient charging cycle and extending the operating life of the battery. The power supply has to be of minimum capacity 400 V 16 A three-phase with standard socket, so that it is compatible with most industrial electrical systems.

Different conveyor system


Now available both auger and metal belt conveyor. The auger conveyor ensure a continuous material flow through a variable pitch design. The metal belt it’s synonym of toughness and performance in our products from more than 60 years.

Control box


EcoSat10 latest generation microprocessor based control systems, with maximum flexibility in programming and displaying the different spreading parameters. Unique design with 3 lateral knobs and 7” colour display.


EcoWet giletta electra

EcoWet is an innovative type pre-wetting system, which prevents clumping of the material through the variable nozzle technology. The nozzle automatically adjusts its width creating a curtain of brine. Every particles of solid material pass through this curtain for the best quality on the market.

ASSIST is a project born to meet the needs of an industrial sector where
automation and technology can give a huge boost.

Thanks to the interaction man-machine, ASSIST allows to reduce the operator’s workload enabling them to comply with operational procedures by improving the quality of work. Assist is a standard feature with Electra.

Reducing costs for the community (both direct and indirect)


Reducing the environmental impact and increasing the safety on the roads (accident reduction, decrease in fatal injuries)

Reducing waste

Reducing waste and pollution

WRM driver assist

Improvement for WRM driver operation with realtime information


Spreading optimization

Highest safety

Highest safety for the driver and road users

The latest space technology and cutting-edge scientific results revolutionise winter service

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